Modern Home or Rustic Home?

What kind of home do you want?

A rustic one or a modern style to go with the latest trends in interior design? We're going to explore these themes and help you find something that suits your needs and wants!

  • If you love wood, go for rustic - when it comes to designing your living space in an organic way-it doesn't get any better than wood! This material introduces texture and tone into the room while maintaining a natural appearance for that earthy ambiance you've been craving.

  • Are you into country living? Go for a rustic style - the idea of being surrounded by nature sounds like paradise, especially if you don't have that access wherever else you may be. The best way to create an inviting environment in your new country lifestyle would be by choosing large furniture pieces that often make up the centerpiece in many bedrooms and dining rooms around America's heartland: big leather chairs; sturdy wooden tables used as work stations; dresser drawers overflowing with family heirlooms; fluffy pillows lining window seats- these are some of our favorite things!

  • If you like minimalism, go for modern - modern homes can seem cold and empty on their own, though - they're all made of concrete or glass walls with very little decoration. Luckily there are some things you could do just by adding these few accessories (a rug in front of your fireplace!) that will give warmth back into those clean lines.

  • Do you prefer an open concept? Go for modern - one of the essential aspects for designing a modern living room is to fuse different environments together (a.k.a “open concept”). The open design allows us to use our kitchen as part of the social area or entertainment zone and it makes cooking seem more accessible — I can just grab what I need from my fridge while talking on the phone with one hand over there. There's also less clutter because anything we have sitting around gets moved out into other areas instead of being piled up by doorways. Open concept living rooms are all the rage these days. They create an instant sense of freedom and they don’t feel so claustrophobic, which is a huge bonus for people who live in small apartments.

Having your home designed to your preferences is a very special privilege - and that’s why you need the best possible contractor in order to bring your ideas to life.

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